Sunday, August 5, 2018

Thomas Campbell of Minnetonka won his second consecutive CVGA tournament by firing at 68 winning the 2018 Clifton Highland Open. Finishing second was CVGA points leader Ryan Isaacson of Eau Claire, who shot 69.   Third place went to Noah Rasinski who fired a 70.  A total of 37 golfers participated in ideal conditions.  Special thanks goes out to Ken Brainhall and his staff at Clifton Highlands, and also to Craig Walter of Eau Claire who came of out retirement as CVGA Open Chairman to handle starter duties along with figuring out the results. Welcome back Craig and thanks for filling in. The CVGA Tour travels to beautiful Turtleback Golf Course in Rice Lake on Sunday Aug. 19th.  To make your tee time call 1-888-300-9443.


Mark Barstad

CVGA Chairman and Treasurer

68-Thomas Campbell –Champion-18 pts


69 - 15 pts

Ryan Isaacson


70 - 12 pts

Noah Rasinski 


72 - 10 pts

Jacob Gaines
Taylor Kosar


73 - 8 pts

Garrett Loomis


74 - 7 pts

Gus Minkin
Jake Brookshaw


75 - 6 pts

Yarri Bryn


77 - 5 pts

Jeff Druce


78 - 4 pts

Tyler Dove
 Charlie Duensing
Zach Rose


79 - 3 pts

Alex Woth
Bob Klingbell
James Sherwood
Ben Nichols


80 - 2 pts

Eric Anderson
 Mark Sperling
 Josh Dalby


81 - 1 pt

Randy Antinoch
Mitch Simonet
Kole Crawford
Nate Buyze