2016 Flight Tournament Schedule

All Events - 18 Holes

Good Read before Season Start

For questions, comments, contact Terry King, Flight Coordinator



Hickory Hills, Phone 878-4543, Saturday, May 7

Lake Wissota, Phone 382-4780, Sunday, May 15

Ojibwa Golf Course, Ph 723-8823, Saturday, May 21

Mill Run, Phone 858-7960, Sunday, May 29


Mondovi,  Ph 926-4915, Saturday, June 4

Bloomer Memorial GC, Ph. 568-1743, Saturday, June 11

Chippewa Valley GC, Ph.235-9808, Saturday, June 18

Lynndales (Rice Lake), Ph 234-5966, Saturday, June 25



Cadott, Whispering Pines, Ph 289-4653, Saturday, July 9

Whitetail, Colfax, Ph 962-3888, Sunday, July 17

Wild Ridge, (Entry:$41, Ph. 834-1766, Sunday, July 24

Princeton Valley, Ph. 834-3334, Sunday, July 31



Rolling Oaks, Barron, Ph. 537-3409, Sunday, August 7

Osseo, Ph 597-3215, Saturday, August  13


Flights Tournament of Champions

18 Holes - Rescheduled, due to flooding to:

Saturday, Sept. 3, 

Lake Hallie GC
Call for tee times - 861-5442

The 2nd Annual CVGA All Division Awards Banquet will be held at Wild Ridge Golf Course
on Friday, Sept. 16;  social hour - 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees to be honored this year are:
Tom Puls
Steve Jensen
Reed Mackenzie

Reed Mackenzie, past president of the USGA, will be the keynote speaker.
All Players are invited.

Call for reservations -> 834-1766

Trophies/Plaques to be presented at the Banquet:
Hall of Fame recipients
Bill Rolland
Player of the Year
Art Tangen Runner-up Player of the Year,

  and the (New) Amateur of the Year.


The tournaments are 18 holes with an entry fee of $36.00, $15.00 for prize money, $17.00 for green fees, and $4.00 for the CVGA.   Wild Ridge has an entry fee of $41.00. The championship tournament entry fee is $45.00, $17.00 for greens fee, $18.00 for pay out, $10.00 to CVGA,
1. Handicap: Your gross score, after computing the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) will be entered to determine your handicap. Handicaps will be available at every tournament for review and also upon request of the Flight Chairman. The CVGA Tournaments are played as handicapped stroke tournaments divided into 5 flights according to individual handicap determined by utilizing the 10 best of the last 20 scores, based on the rating of the course being played, and 96% of the differential of the scores used. The CVGA Tournament will operate under the USGA rules of golf.
2. Eligibility: Only persons with a CVGA Handicap of 5 or greater, for the rating of the course being played, are eligible to play in the tournament that day. First time golfers must provide proof of a handicap of 5 or greater either with a USGA or WSGA card or with written proof of home course handicap, signed by the club pro or owner. When an established CVGA player’s CVGA handicap has fallen less than 5 for all ratings to be played and/or as determined by the Rules/Handicap Committee, the player will be eligible to play two more tournaments. If at the conclusion of the two tournaments the handicap is still below the allowed handicap the player will not be eligible to play any further flight tournaments until he raises the handicap to 5 or above.  The CVGA will have a single handicap for those golfing in the seniors and flights. If a golfer’s flight handicap drops below 5, the golfer can golf the senior tournaments, providing you are 50 years of age or older until you get the handicap above 5 after which time the golfer will be eligible to golf the flight tournaments
3. Flight Handicaps: 1st - (5-9), 2nd - (10-14), 3rd - (15-18), 4th - (19-22), 5th - (23 +)
4. Point Scoring: Points will be awarded for 1st (6), 2nd (4), 3rd (3), 4th (2), 5th (1). There will be no tie breaking during the regular Flight season. When a player moves from one flight to the next, the points earned in the flight vacated stay there. New for 2014 there will be overall point standings. It will add all the points earned for the entire year including whichever flight the points were from. If at the end of the season the player's points in the previous flight are enough to earn an award in the flight he left, he is still eligible for that award. Points earned at the Championship Tournament will be used towards the season point totals.
5. Championship Tournament: Only players with points from the regular season may score additional points in the championship. Points earned at the Championship Tournament will be used towards the regular season point’s totals. If a golfer does not have a current CVGA handicap he or she may play in the tournament for the greens fee and CVGA fee. ($27.00) They will not be eligible for any prize money or points.
6. All flight tournaments will be played winter rules.
7. All tournaments will be played from the white tees. (Mid-Range)
8. Tournament Protocol: In the event of bad weather once the tournament has started, it is up to the course to decide if the play can continue.  If all participants have completed the first 9 holes and the course deems play unable to continue, then the tournament may be called as a 9 hole tournament with points and pay out based on the first nine holes scores.  The nine hole scores will not be entered for handicap calculations.